Go from Invisible to the ONLY EXPERT in your Industry PROGRAM

You have the expertise you want to share with the world.

You have the desire to share your skills and knowledge.

But you feel Invisible and Unknown as your social media posts and blog articles are seen by few people.

You are not reaching the audience you serve even when you spend on paid advertising.

NOW is the time to STEP IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA and SHINE as the EXPERT you are!

So, the steps to become the ONLY EXPERT in your Industry.

  1. Get the confidence to get yourself in front of the camera on a regular basis sharing your wisdom.
  2. Have a studio setup that is easy to fire up on a consistent basis.
  3. Design a Show that is engaging, consistent and entertaining for your audience. Do they want you to train them, share your knowledge? Do they want you to have other experts on to share their wisdom.
  4. Design a Show format which is made up of segments so you can get leads, monetize and leverage it
  5. Design a Show format that is strategic  about the Topic and Guest
  6. Who is the audience you want for your Show?
  7. Will the Topic attract a new audience and new fans ?
  8. Do you want your Interview Guests to invite you to be interviewed on their Show ?
  9. Do you want to invite Guests who are Influencers you want to connect to?
  10. Will your TV Show  attract others to invite you on their media platform?These are some of the questions to ask before you even design your TV Show format
  11. you can have one strategic show with segments that can be distributed and available always on Website  Youtube Show Medium magazine Social media – Snippets  Podcast and/or Videocast on all the podcast networks = you can be seen everywhere!


  1. We go through the 5 steps in the Easy Show Blueprint to create your own unique Show format.  and we go over how to monetize, leverage and re-purpose your Show format in all your media platforms.

    1. PLAN


    Define Show Format

    Define monetization methods


    Define Audience

    Define Call To Actions

    Develop website to collect Leads


    Develop Ideal Influencers to network with

    Develop Strategic partnership strategy

    Develop Guest Guidelines and strategy

    1. 2. PRODUCE


      Minimum Studio Equipment and Software

      Broadcasting Software and Tools

      Your Image


      Invitation and Checklist for Guests


      Graphics and Video Pre-production


      Guests and Host preparation

      Show production

      Post Show Production


    3. PUBLISH

    a. Your TV Show LIVE

    Prepare Graphics Description Video for Streaming TV

    Prepare Press Release to Schedule Live TV

    Confirm Schedule Live on TV


    Press Release

    Promote Show Live on Social Media

    Show Release onto Website /Landing Page for Leads on Website


    How to Re-purpose your Show Strategy

    Podcast How To

    Magazine How To

    What is Included?

    Weekly Live Video Training and replays

    Weekly Questions and Answer Zoom Live and email access

    How-To Video Lessons for Technology and software

    Easy Show Blueprint Workbook , checklists, scripts to develop your Easy Show Blueprint and 12 months content ideas

    If desired, a  Show where we interview you about your business so you can see how easy it can be with an easy show blueprint.

    A private one hour call with Jane Gardner to see what you need and strategy for your  Show idea

    An easy Show Episode in 5 Weeks

    Now within 5 weeks

    You will have the tools, checklists, trainings and Show format you want in an Action Plan and the potential interviewee  you want to invite and studio setup ideas.


    Once your Show episode is ready for publishing

    This is a beta program , this program will sell for $500 in the future.


    The Easy Show  in 5 weeks Training                                             $197

    An Easy SHOW in 5 Weeks Program