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Go From Invisible to the Only Expert!

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  1. How to attract your audience and grow your network before you even turn on the webcam.
  2. How to look like you are in a 10,000/hour TV Studio without spending an arm & leg on production
  3. How to use ONE SHOW to gain VISIBILITY 247. 
  • The FREE MASTERCLASS will give you the exact steps that  I use to quickly plan & publish shows that dramatically increase our visibility, leads, & revenue.  You can and will be seen as the ONLY EXPERT in your INDUSTRY because you will rock a professional high-quality engaging SHOW DESIGN if you follow the steps I give you!
  • This WILL work for you, no matter what industry you're in, even if you're new, and even if you lack confidence on camera.


Jane Gardner
TV Channels featured on Roku and Amazonfire

Hi I'm Jane Gardner!

JGardner Marketing ltd. is a company that loves video and video marketing, production, television production, and helping other local businesses to get onto the internet to reach, educate and sell to more customers using video.

Jane Gardner, President of JGardner Marketing Ltd. is on a mission to get all local businesses to realize the power of the internet for their business to increasing their customers, clients, and strategic partnerships all over the world through video.

I am a T.V. Producer and I work alongside businesses such as yourselves to enhance your brand awareness, authority and more importantly leads and TRAFFIC!

I have THE VISIBILITY BROADCASTING TV NETWORK with business training and personal interest channels on two of the biggest ON DEMAND TV channel hosts, AmazonFire TV and Roku.

Imperfect Action is better than no Action