Do you have a Mission? Do you have a passion for your business? Whether you have a non-profit or for profit business, you want to reach a worldwide audience to share your knowledge and mission.

You need to be on Camera!
Deep down, you know it too.

The problem is—you don't think of yourself as a influencer willing to get out and be in front of the camera sharing your mission. You are often unsure of taking the stage because you believe some common myths about being on camera, like:

  • People will judge you

  • You need to be drop dead beautiful or handsome

  • You need to be super polished and precise

  • You need to be an extrovert who loves the spotlight

  • But guess what? Your job is simply to connect.

  • And perfection kills connection.

Getting on Camera can truly moves audiences in a process of peeling back layers of vulnerability to reveal yourself—in down-to-earth ways people feel a natural resonance with. And this is a skill that can absolutely be learned.



  • being frustrated learning software

  • struggling with tech

  • being overwhelmed by social media demands

  • spending a lot of time and money

  • being frustrated by restreaming software

  • being overwhelmed by all the media platforms

  • being overwhelmed by work needed to get any results

  • being frustrated by the tech skills needed

You feel like the Invisible Expert,

You know you need video content but are overwhelmed by Tech time and money you need for video .

In Magnify your Mission we plan, produce and publish Show that gets you seen as the Expert attracting your Audience;

then we get you seen everywhere now by a broadcasting software strategy that gets you a professional quality Show which we restream and repurpose on at least 10 platforms.

You become the Influencer in your Market

You leap onto Television and design a TV Channel for Roku and Amazonfire rules and requirements with a Business plan to monetize, generate leads and make connections magnifying our mission worldwide.