How to use video to gain more visibility without being overwhelmed in the process

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Mastering YOU
Increase your Confidence
Develop your Voice
Develop your Expert Mindset
A Visibility Plan
Choose Goal for your Show Format
Choose your Show Strategy
Choose your Show Format
Show Mapping
Determine your Show Length
Determine strategies to add to Show
Outline Show Flow

Create own Pre-Production Checklist
Confirm any Assistants or Guests for the Show
Create Graphics and Video for Show
Studio Setup
Technical Setup of Show
Create Technical Show Checklist
Test Show Setup
Use a Production Checklist
Have a Script for Show
Go Live on Show Platform

Visibity247 Map
Optimize Video and Graphics Checklist
Social Media Visibility247 Checklist
Edit Video Checklist
Visibity247 Strategy
Publish to Website
Publish to Social Media
Optimize Text, Audio, Video Editing
Visibity247 Accelerator
Re-purpose Video Checklist
Re-purpose Audio Checklist
Re-purpose Text Checklist

What is Included?

Weekly Live Video Training and replays Weekly Questions and Answer Zoom Live email access

How-To Video Lessons for Technology and software

Checklists, scripts to develop your Easy Show Blueprint and 12 months content ideas

A private one hour call with Jane Gardner to see what you need and strategy for your Show idea If needed,

Practice going live with your Studio setup and

Private group for questions and collaboration


To be interviewed on Business Success TV about your business to be on the BUSINESS SUCCESS TV CHANNEL on Roku and Amazonfire

Have your own 20-30 minute SHOW Spotlighted on Business Success TV Channel if you submit (within a year) a Show you love that fits