7 Tips on making a Show Interview easy and valuable for you and your Guest

Tips on Doing a Show Live
You are in the Studio
You are live and on camera.
You have a Guest.
Now what!
Tips to make your Show Interview easy to do and you and your Guest Shine!
1. Design a questionnaire that asks for vital information and also the main topic and 3 potential subtopics for the interview.
2. On the questionnaire, I like to ask for what they want to give as a gift (whether an e-book, checklist or free consultation) to the audience.
3. Use Notepad or other text software open with short bio on Desktop and read looking into the camera
4. Or you can use free teleprompter with bio in it on Desktop to introduce your Guest while looking into camera
5. Or you can use Teleprompter app on smartphone with bio in it to read while scrolling
6. Lead the Guest through the topics and subtopics he/she wanted to talk about from their answers on the Google Form.
7. Prepare a slide with the Guest's gift beforehand and load up to present during interview so Guest can talk about the giveaway.
These are some of the strategies I use on an interview to make it easy to do on camera for me and my Guest. You can check out some of my interviews of purpose-driven entrepreneurs at Finding Your Purpose TV at
If you are interested in having an interview about your purpose-driven entrepreneur you can apply here- a link for Finding Your Purpose TV ...

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Are you feeling like your social media marketing posts are invisible?

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So, yes, you have to stand out from the crowd. You have to be visible.

You have to be authentic.

You have to be consistent in being out there sharing your message and your mission.

What's the easiest way to stand out?

If you have seen my posts before, you know the answer.  You have to be on camera.

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Livestreaming can grow your Business

The Top Types of Content to Create For Live Streaming

Live video streaming is so new that there isn’t much precedent yet for the best type of content to create. This is good in that it allows you to really create any types of videos you like, but on the downside it also means that you won’t have much help or guidance when coming up with ideas. You’ll have to learn the ropes yourself then and what you’ll likely find is that certain types of content definitely work better on live video than others.

Read on then and we’ll see some of the best strategies for creating great content on this platform…

Top Tips

One of the challenges of live video streaming is making sure that you stay on topic without creating something too scripted. Creating a ‘top tips’ structure is a great idea because you can keep returning your tips and then talk loosely around them. This offers just enough structure without being restrictive and it offers great jumping on points for people joining the stream halfway through.


Reviewing a product likewise makes it easy for you to stay on topic but doesn’t restrict you. You’ll have a visual aid and you’ll be able to take cues and instructions from your audience regarding which aspects of the product to show off or discuss. Unboxings also lend themselves particularly well to the live format.


AMAs have been made popular by Reddit. This stands for ‘Ask Me Anything’ and it basically means you’re getting interviewed by your audience. You’ll need to position yourself as a person of interest or an authority for people to want to ask you questions though!


Interviews are also very good for live streaming. Find someone interesting and see if you can get them to answer some questions for people to watch.


Want to get people interested in your business? Why not give them a guided tour of the office? The ability to interact while filming at the same time lends itself perfectly to this kind of content.

Passive Content

Video streaming introduces a whole new idea in the form of ‘passive content’. This is content that you create without actively creating – in other words it might mean setting up a camera to record yourself talking in a meeting, or it might mean filming yourself working out. It could even mean setting it up to show off a nice view.

To learn more on resource and equipment for livestreaming get "7 Steps to Produce your First Show."

Livestreaming can grow your Business Read More »

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  1. Get Your Studio Ready
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  4. Pre-Production Checklist
  5. Production Checklist
  6. You are Live
  7. Post Production

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