Do you have a livestreaming game plan?

This Video is part of my Offline to Online in 10 days PROGRAM

Welcome welcome welcome, this is jane gardner and welcome again to how to virtualize your business today. I'm going to be recording about how to market using live streaming and I'm really excited this because it's part of my course offline online program and business in 30 days.

So let's go and have a look at how to market using live streaming.

So I'm going to hang out with you today and we're going to look at why you want to do live streaming.

You want to do live streaming because you want to be

  • the face of your business,
  • you can educate,
  • you can entertain,
  • you can obviously instruct
  • you can train,
  • you can sell,
  • you can connect and
  • you can communicate because
  • people get to know I can trust you because you are of business.

The internet is a more focused personal venue and platform and when you use it right,

you can get to be influencer and you can be the face of your business.

So to be the face of your business, you need to show your face obviously. So this is why I'm here, even though I'm kind of small down in the bottom there and they need to show up on a regular basis because you need to be able to do it with daily weekly or we'll forget monthly because people will forget and you need to have a very detailed agenda with a show maybe with giveaways and education and training for those who come and you can have people that you interview to get knowledge and people get used to you being here on the internet and they want to get to know you and trust you. So that's always good.

you need to show up regular so that you have your visitors can come to see your show even when you're not promoting anything, but just have a show, have a training.

So people get to value coming to stop by.

So they come to expect you whether it's every monday or every sunday like for me and if they receive good information and they get value out of it,

they will come again.

So you have to consider the idea of having a show.

You can train visitors and clients to show up by making sure that you always show up on a regular basis at a certain time.

So you can also be recorded video that you share, but you can connect such that they know they all joke with you and ask about your family even if they get to know you well enough.

So always good to be able to connect on the internet.

So this is why you want to come out and be the face of your business because

you will have a tribe of raving fans who

like you

trust you

because they know you're going to be giving value and entertain or educate them every time that you show up and

they know that after an enjoyable half an hour or an hour with you, that they'll actually have something they can take away with from you from your show.

So that's why you need to live stream to come out from behind the curtain and be the influencer expert and authority that you are in your business.

So as I'm in this for a course, there's homework for those who are in the course, download the marketing plan and start planning how you're going to be unique different from your competitors and who is your target audience and do some research on the success competitors. What they're doing.

Are they live streaming or aren't they live streaming? What about your audience? Are they here right now? I don't know, it's six o'clock my time. So it's probably probably in bed already, but I will still be here because my video will be here.

So there you go. So do your homework by the end of the program. You should have a content creation and marketing plan using live streaming. So I'll mention it as we go along so that you know which section of the marketing plan you should be completing. But for now just download it and find out where you should start by having a look at the marketing plan information.

For resources needed to livestream go to

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